Pete Murt at Rick Stein, Sandbanks

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a cookery demonstration at the beautifully set Rick Stein restaurant in Sandbanks and was wowed by the dishes that were created in front of me by Head Chef Pete Murt.

Pete Murt 2018

Pete has been Head Chef at the Sandbanks based restaurant since it’s opening in 2015 and the delicious food is as well known locally as the stunning South Coast setting.

We’ve caught up with Pete to ask him our quick fire questions about his favourite local foods;

Pete, what is your best loved local ingredient?

Brownsea Island oysters! You can see where they harvest the oysters from the restaurant, and their texture and taste is lovely!


How would you use this at home?

Simply opened and eaten as they are, or I would deep fry them in a tempura batter with a soy and sweet chilli dipping sauce (a good way to give people oysters if they aren’t too keen at first).

What is your first choice dish to create and also to eat?

Any fish really. Mackerel is always a firm favourite as it’s so versatile, quite nice this time of year to put some on the BBQ to give it a nice smoky flavour and crisp blistered skin and serve simple with a fresh tomato and red onion salad

Do you have a favourite spot on the South Coast?

Bit bias but the restaurant is great, especially this time of year as sunsets and the view across the water to Poole is magnificent!

Thank you for your time Pete! If you have yet to visit Rick Stein in Sandbanks or you’re eager for another visit (I know I am!) then you can click here for their website.

Thanks for reading!


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