Jenkins & Sons

Well-loved Jenkins & Sons has had a bit of a menu makeover last week, moving more onto setting the scene for a local place we can all visit on the regular. Their previous menu was excellent and I can hand on my heart (as well as my Hug Club card) say it was very much a well visited place for us.

To hear more about the exciting new line up I spoke with Chloe….

Why has there been a change from the previous menu?

In essence, we wanted to create somewhere to appeal to a wider audience – where people would love to go for their parties and special occasions, but also just for their lunch. We love our pizza down at the Wood Oven and thought it would work perfectly in the lovely restaurant/ bar atmosphere that Jenkins and Sons has (as well as with the ales!)


We’re really excited to hear about the new menu, what things can we expect to see?

In our new menu you can expect to see lots of options, again to allow all our friends whether they be vegan, gluten free etc. to come and dine with us.

We are very proud of all our plant powered options, but all the pizzas we know taste great (they are cooking with real fire!!) as we sell them down at the Wood Oven by Boscombe Beach. The owner of Urban Guild (Jenkins and Sons parent company), Mark Cribb, is even on a plant powered diet himself at the moment to see what options we can incorporate into our own menu – what the most delicious options are.

We have added additional items to the menu other than pizza, however… We have our ‘fired pots’ that are also cooked in a traditional wood fired oven and we are using a variety of British fish, locally cured meats, British cray fish and salmon etc. in our dishes.


We of course also have some Multigrain Flat Breads and ‘Panuozzo’ (a Naples street food sandwhich) that are available noonto five which are going to be available with a range of different yummy toppings.

We also have a breakfast menu (Served 9am to 11:30 amon Saturdays and Sundays) which you can also get mini oven fired breads and Panuozz with yummy breakfast things (including vegan options) or go for a simpler cold breakfast of granola or baked breads and jams.

Are you still keeping the artisan focus on food and local suppliers?

For us the Jenkins & Sons historical roots are about artisan pride in food. The old fishmongers and butchers were proud of their produce and that will still remain! We champion British beers and local suppliers all day long – we even have our own pale ale collection called ‘Smugglers & Pioneers’, brewed right here in Dorset. Although pizzas roots are in Italy we use British fish and locally cured meats.

Food supply is complicated since coffee, wine, bananas etc travel the globe but we try and support local whenever we can and way harder than most. We love to support the ‘little guy’ – not huge money hungry corporations!


“That’s why I love hospitality and opened a hotel and restaurants, and even learnt to grow our own produce in a field in the New Forest. Our spaces mean that the big adventure continues.” – Mark Cribb

“There’s been a huge growth in local brewing in Dorset over the last few years and we’re thrilled to be part of it. We are passionate about introducing people to real beers, both ales and lagers, made by real people – not giant international brands. There’s better choice and bigger flavours now and we want people to discover this for themselves.” – Mark Cribb

Will you guys still be running your events and themes?

We love our themed months – so in August we have Rum Month coming up and September is Harvest and Hedgerows. We are really excited about Harvest and Hedgerows as all of our venues will have special items on the menu for that month to celebrate seasonal, autumnal dishes.

I think we can all agree that will make going back to school a bit more palatable! Thank you Chloe for your time, we can’t wait to try the new menu!

For more information on Jenkins & Sons you can click right here.

Thanks for reading,


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