Food photography with Nose 2 Tail

The summer season is well and truly upon us and we’re enjoying all the al fresco eating and drinking we were dreaming about when the weather was awful earlier in the year (like 5 months ago when it snowed!). You only have to own a log in for any social platform to know one how popular it is to post photos of our food, like photos from our favourite chefs and comment on our friends weekend brunch snaps.

So, with this way of eating with our eyes we took the opportunity to host a tweet chat with talented food photographer Kris Hall from Nose 2 Tail photography. Here are some of the highlights…..


Why do you think there seems to be a fascination with food photography?

 Great question! I think ultimately, we live in a time where social media is a great revenue source for restaurants and food enthusiasts! Instagram and Twitter are more and more popular for promoting their meals!

What has been your favourite food shoot that you have done?

Most recently it has to be the shoot at Abbots Court with the amazing Alex and Mike. The food is next level and shot in a domestic kitchen. Most of the ingredients were grown on site by the team. All of this added to the flavours placed beautifully on each plate.


Is there a certain app or filter you use when taking a photo on your phone?

When taking photos on the phone one app I find useful is Snapseed. Great app for gently touching up. You need to check out an amazing iPhone photographer on Instagram called Matt Inwood. He runs photography masterclasses and only uses Instagram!

Do you have any tips for us amateurs trying to show off our food with a photo?

Great question. Two main things… It doesn’t matter what camera or phone you use, it’s all about lighting (natural if possible) and colours! It’s worth looking at the “colour wheel” and specifically the colour square!

Thanks so much to Kris for his time during our tweet chat, if you would like to be involved in the next one please let us know!

You can find Nose 2 Tail on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as recognising the fantastic shots on many of the local restaurant feeds you love!

Thanks for reading,


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