Sarah Ali Choudhury

Sarah Ali Choudhury is an award-winning Indian food expert, TV chef and food columnist. Sarah is passionate about sharing the joys of Indian cuisine – whether through TV, radio or print media, live cooking demonstrations, social media or bespoke teaching.
Named the youngest Asian woman to run a restaurant at the age of just 20, Sarah has gone on to capture the delights of Indian cuisine through her recipes which have featured in print and online publications locally, nationally and internationally including The Sun and The Independent. 
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Brand Ambassador for UK Nepal Friendship Society, Asian Restaurant Owners Network and Venus Awards, Sarah was headhunted to Judge The World Food Innovation Awards 2019 which will take place at ExCel, London in March. 
Last week we caught up at The Cosy Club in Bournemouth to talk about the local gems in the area as well as food!
Sarah. what is your best loved local ingredient?
Best loved local ingredient is crab claws!
Living on the beautiful south coast we are extremely lucky to get hold of high quality shellfish at local farmers markets, food festivals and events locally.
How do you use this at home?
One of my favourite dishes is a curry made with crab claws.  Slow cooked with an array of spices that allows the sauce to have depth and flavour, it’s very spicy but has a dash of coconut milk which takes the edge off. It has kick but it’s moorish! It’s messy to eat though but so worth it!
What is your first choice dish to cook and also to eat?
More recently I’ve been trying to eat less meat.
I keep finding myself cooking okra (aka Ladies fingers) finely chopped and cooked with onions and garlic and spices with a touch dry toasted shrimp to be my absolute favourite. It is quick and easy to cook and it’s so healthy too! It’s delicious with lentils (aka dall) and fluffy basmati rice.
Okra is an exotic medicinal vegetable and can be found in abundance around the beginning of autumn.  It’s known for its powerhouse superiority in vitamins and minerals and in my opinion it’s a nutrition hero!
Do you have a favourite spot on the South Coast?
My favourite spot on South Coast is the North Haven Lake area of Sandbanks. I love the drive there,  the ambiance,  the luxurious properties. I always feel as though we don’t really need to go on holiday when we live to close to somewhere so delightful. I’m very grateful to be living on the stunning South coast but can’t wait to move to Sandbanks one day!
Thank you for your time Sarah, you can follow Sarah on Instagram at @sarahalichoudhury
Thanks for reading!

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