A few months ago whilst happily roaming Christchurch Food Festival I discovered Assembelly and it’s creator Toby Bradley-Watson. With a bacon and scallop roll on the menu we couldn’t resist and could not believe not only how delicious it was but also how it was the first time we had seen this on any menu!

Before setting up Assembelly, Toby worked at restaurants around the world. His last position was a two-year stint as head chef at Rick Stein at Bannisters just outside Sydney, in Australia where he won a Hat!


Toby has also worked with top-name chefs including Pierre Koffemann, Mark Edwards, Marcus Wareing, Tom Kitchen, Tom Aitken and Rick Stein.

In October 2017 Toby bought a Richardson horse trailer from his home country of Wales and spent six months converting it into the home of Assembelly.

The menu will be ever-changing, keeping to Toby’s strengths in seafood and game, and reflecting the flavours, produce and culture of the local area. He has also for the past year been studying fermentation, and its vast range of health benefits, which will run as a strong theme through the menu.
With a winning menu and such an impressive history we couldn’t resist but to ask Toby to feature on our blog…..

Toby, what is your best-loved local ingredients?

It depends on the season in the summer it would have to be crab but in the winter and autumn it has to be New Forest venison

How would you use this at home?

Crab meat is very versatile but and can be used in a multitude of ways but my summer favourite would be a crab linguini with cherry tomatoes and lots of lemon.

Venison is different but for me I love to braze a shoulder with a few vegetables a bit of wine and vinegar as well as a bit of chocolate


What is your first choice dish to create and also to eat?

This changes week in week depending what my train of thought is and what’s good that season.

Do you have a favourite spot on the South Coast?

I do like West Dorset with the rolling hills going down to the Jurassic coast.

Where can we next find you on the South Coast?

The next one for me down here is the Lymington seafood on the 11th & 12th August.


We can’t wait to grab another delicious roll from Toby and the Assembelly team then! 

Assembelly is available for private functions and events, both large and small. You can click here to contact them for more details.

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Harry Hunter at NEO Restaurant

With a stunning location and a beautiful setting Neo Restaurant in Bournemouth is the perfect location for special occasions, light bites or even cocktails on the stylish terrace.

At the heart of the team here is Harry Hunter, a talented Chef with a passion for producing stunning dishes with local ingredients.


Harry, what is your best loved local ingredient?

Any fish caught off the South Coast

How would you use this at home?

At home I would do something simple and pan roast the fish to serve it with a bean cassoulet.


What is your first choice dish to create and also to eat?

My first choice dish to create and eat is a salmon pave, crushed new potatoes and some fresh green veg. Especially in the summer months!

Do you have a favourite spot on the South Coast?

The New Forest – it’s the perfect ‘staycation’

A huge thank you to Harry, I know I will definitely be attempting this at home when it looks this good!

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Mark Bennett; by Royal Appointment

With the country enjoying wedding fever this week and this years most anticipated wedding happening this weekend we were lucky enough to catch up with Mark Bennett.

Mark has experience himself of a Royal Wedding so was the perfect person to speak with this week!

Mark has patisseries open in Penn Hill, Lilliput and Ashley Cross, Poole. He makes and sells the most incredible range of breads and pastries, as endorsed by the baking industry who named him National Baker of the Year!


As a prestigious baker with experience of royal wedding cakes can you share with us what it’s like to be part of such a significant event?

When I was involved with making the royal wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of York it was just an amazing feeling, the Country had a real buzz about it and to be linked to it more than most was a very special feeling.

We delivered the cake in person to the Palace the day before and set it up, we travelled back the next day to watch the ceremony on the Mall, it was a very proud moment indeed.

Where do you find your inspiration for your  delicious cakes and breads?

My inspiration is natural, I grew up living next door to my family’s bakery so I was involved at a very early age, baking is in my blood, I know no different, you must have passion, it is a hard job often done at unsociable hours.


If someone wanted to have a go at baking where would you recommend they start? 

If you fancy coming into baking I would look at going on a course, there are many Artisan Bakers offering courses around the Country, including myself, but this will only give you a small insight into our amazing industry.


When Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle on the 19th May it’s reported they will celebrate by cutting a lemon and elderflower cake. Is there any other flavour you would choose?

I personally think the Royal cake should be a Rich Fruit cake soaked in Rum, but when it comes to Royal baking I am a traditionalist, but that’s only my opinion.

Mark thank you so much for your time, if anyone is yet to experience the mouthwatering delights on offer at one of the patisseries then what are you waiting for? Mark’s website can be found here for all details, opening times and workshop details.

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Blue Orange Juice Bar

This week I’m talking to Jacqui from Blue Orange Juice Bar located in Ashley Cross. If you haven’t swung by yet for a fresh juice or delicious fresh lunch then what are you waiting for?

I’m a huge fan of their juices and delicious vegan cakes that taste so delicious and indulgent and I was very excited to share more on this little gem in Ashley Cross…..


What inspired you to open Blue Orange in Ashley Cross?

My husband and I lived in Australia for a number of years where the juice and healthy heating market is booming. We moved back to the UK few years ago and London aside, we found there were very few options to buy a healthy juice or lunch, especially when you need to grab something on the run. It seemed such an obvious thing for us so thought we’d try it out. 

The shop in Ashley Cross had been empty for a number of years and we always used to comment what a great spot it was and as we live just around the corner from it, it was a no brainer to try the concept out there. We love Ashley Cross as a place to live and work and hopefully Blue Orange has positively added to the eclectic mix of independent shops on the Green and made it that little bit cooler!  

What is your most popular juice? 

Very difficult to say but during the week our Ginger Ninja (Apple, carrot, ginger & orange) or One Eye Opener (apple, cucumber, fennel, ginger, lemon & orange) juices are probably most popular. However over the weekends smoothies are definitely our best sellers with probably Sweet Greens (avocado, banana, kiwi, lime, spinach, coconut water & yoghurt) being the favourite. We designed them all though over the course of quite a few months, so very difficult to have a favourite. 

BlueOrange-0007Do you feel that eating and drinking healthier is becoming more than a fad?

Absolutely! We try our hardest not to be preachy about the health benefits as we’d rather you come in and have a juice because you love the taste and range. But we do like to highlight some of the benefits on the labels so our customers are aware of the benefits of drinking fresh juice.

Healthy eating is definitely becoming more mainstream, especially with the younger generations which is great to see and we expect to see more places popping up in the short term to make it easier for people with a hectic lifestyle to be able to grab something fresh and healthy rather than the often, more convenient sausage roll and can of pop.

 Our juice cleanse programs have also been extremely popular as a way to kickstart a new healthier lifestyle or exercise regime which I think is testament to the increasing awareness of living a healthy lifestyle. 

In addition to your juices you also have a delicious array of lunch options available. Where do you find your inspiration for these?

We love to work with local producers and suppliers and really encourage anyone that has a unique and suitable product to come in and say hi. We try and keep our food ranges fresh and unique and hopefully this keeps things interesting for our customers. Working with companies such as Tansy’s Kitchen, Dark Matters, Rod & Bens amongst others as well as our awesome team trying out new recipes in the shop has been the inspiration for our foods. 

What’s next for Blue Orange?

Very exciting times for Blue Orange! We’re currently doing a fit out in a shop on Station Road in Swanage, which we hope will be open by the end of May. We are also on the look out for other suitable premises and hope to have 5 or 6 shops by the end of 2019, all of which will be in Dorset and follow the same model and ethos of what we have created in Ashley Cross. We will be very busy certainly over the next year or so but we’re excited to see where it goes.


Thank you so much to Jacqui, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about Blue Orange Juice Bar. Do let us know what your favourites from the scrumptious menu are!



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Essex born but Dorset bred I constantly feel very lucky to live in an area I love so much, there’s something I find very grounding about living right on the coast. Regardless of the season I believe the South Coast always has something to offer whether it’s a beautiful walk, a picnic with the family or drinks with friends overlooking the water.


We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by an abundance of local talent and warming venues when it comes to food and drinks, as well as being the home of such fine locally produced products.

Scrumptious South Coast is a celebration of all of these things, we’ll be talking to some talented Chefs, trying out some recipes at home with locally produced ingredients and drooling over some of the most beautiful South Coast views captured by the incredible photographers we have in the area.

So pour yourself a drink, pull up a pew and lets chat all things ‘Scrumptious’!

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